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Tips: adult indoor children's playground point of the attention

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With the improvement of living standards, greatly enhance the child's consumption, you can see everywhere is the children's playground, children's playground is a must for urban development, because the city's high-rise buildings occupy the children play areas, children have no place to play the only indoor children's playground to play. All children how to reduce the indoor children's paradise hurt it?

1) less than one-year-olds do not recommend to an indoor children's playground to play, because the child will not go, so some of the projects simply can not play, that white thing is to spend money, only when the audience. Take the children to the park, air park is certainly much better than an amusement park.

2) If your baby is very small, the first observation of the presence on the ground before the play about how old children playing, if most kids bigger than many older babies, it is recommended not to play, because the older children play together, have their own way, the whole an indoor children's playground will be the big kid commanding atmosphere, small children and big kids point play together, is certainly the most injured.

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