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Children Paradise trends

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Children playground trends:

Undoubtedly, the development trend of Chinese children's paradise - the market prospects are bright. But for the most current children's playground enterprises, as Ma said: I am very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is good, but most of the dead tomorrow night, do not see the sun the day after tomorrow. Animals play country _ Children's Paradise

If the children's playground in the ticket-based profit model does not change, then the customer will always have a number of important implications for the survival and development of children's playground. In this scenario, no more than two operating modes, puerile or walking the fine line, that is, 1 * 100 or 100 * 1.

That is, for a huge upfront investment in terms of children's playground, in the increasingly fierce competitive environment, small profits alone can not win the competition. The way to win, should include several aspects: small profit margins, cost control, quality improvement, special shape, profit model diversification, and partners win.

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